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Inflicting Fitness Success Story

"I have played sports all my life and my activity level had always kept me in shape. I played basketball, and football, and after having an injury, found myself putting on unwanted weight, to the point I decided to get some help. On my quest for better health and sports performance, I began training with Jim. Jim made educating me on nutrition his first priority, and even met me at Publix, and helped me shop, educating me along the way. With Jim's help, I have lost over 100 pounds! I am faster, stronger, more agile, and flexible. I am now a well-rounded athlete.  Everyone who has witnessed this transformation is in awe of what Jim and I have accomplished, and I can’t thank Jim enough."


"I started at Inflicting Fitness on a Group-on I bought in the end of 2012. I was figuring if I could not do this intense and amazing workout; I was not really out any money. It took just ONE class for me to become addicted to TRX. The trainers at this private gym are amazing and my trainer, Garrett Jankowski, is one hell of a trainer, he pushes you and you don't realize it and he easily gives praise when working on moves and accomplishing more than one thought possible. What I like about TRX is how it changes ones body. One looses inches over time and your body adapts into a more lean precise machine and areas that may have had jiggle no longer jiggle and muscles one only sees in health and fitness magazines can really be achieved. Your trainer, Garrett, can work with any level of experience in TRX whether it be novice or expert, there is room for all in his class and with using the plyometrics system of training, he shows how to get QUALITY moves in contrast to QUANTITY; which is found in more Boot Camp atmospheres. Whether one wants to go once a week or four times a week, this will be the best life investment one can make involving a healthier and happier lifestyle. Definitely try an evening class with Garrett, and like me, I am sure you will be amazed at your body change."


"It's been 10 months since I started taking TRX classes at Inflicting Fitness and have never seen as dramatic results with any other fitness regime! TRX has helped me develop a much leaner body and improve my overall core strength and balance (helping my running ability). It is truly the most effective full body workout AND positive environment that I've experienced. I highly recommend TRX and Inflicting Fitness to anyone looking not only for a change from the normal fitness routine but RESULTS! Thank you Inflicting Fitness....I'm hooked! "


Oviedo High School State Champion Pitcher, Nicholas Logan, trained with Garrett during the offseason in preparation for his senior year. His goals were to increase his throwing velocity and improve his overall durability. Nicholas put in the hard work and stayed committed to a personalized sports specific training program reaching his peak form going into the season. After having a career year, putting up great stats, winning a state championship and attracting collegiate attention he credits his conditioning program as a major factor leading to a successful, injury-free season!  Congrats Nick!


David trained with us for 3 months last summer to get ready for his upcoming basketball tryouts. He came in injured and out of shape. His previous workout regiment  was poorly managed  leading to a lower back injury. He was deconditioned and performed poorly on the court because of pain. After committing to the program for 10 weeks, with focus and hard work he achieved his goal of getting into ideal shape for basketball! David made the team! Check out his leaner and more athletic look!

Inflicting Fitness Training Center

Inflicting Fitness

Training Center

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1196 Tree Swallow Dr

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Winter Springs, FL 32708