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Jim Kaale, Owner / Master Trainer

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Owner - Inlficting Fitness Training Center

Jim's passion in life is to help others improve their “Quality of Life,” thru fitness, and he has been doing so for more than twenty years. Jim is selective about the clients he accepts into his training program. Jim also admits that the client is responsible for achieving the results, and that it takes an enormous amount of discipline and determination, but with Jim's techniques, encouragement, dedication, and passion, the workouts are fun, challenging, and continuously carve the results his client desire.


Jim is an active National Physique Committee Judge, N.P.C. competitor, and a World Champion. Jim holds a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from The University of North Florida. Jim also holds certifications with the International Fitness Professionals Association, Premier Training International, along with certifications in: Athletic Training, Sports Medicine, TRX suspension training (One on One, Sports Medicine, and Group Class certifications), Myofascial Release, Graston Technique, Active Release Therapy (ART), Sports Nutrition, Golf, Massage, Strength Training, PNF Stretching and Flexibility, CPR, First Aid, and Jim is an expert in Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, and Ankle Rehabilitation.


Where it all began: Jim played tennis in high school at a weight of 130 pounds, and without an athletic college scholarship to continue forward, Jim began working out and found it to be extremely rewarding, and his passion blossomed...


Before long, his passion became evident in his own physique, and others began approaching him and asking for his help and guidance...A career was born.


Jim has spent the last 20+ years of his life creating pathways, which will allow your body to finally reach its true potential Jim is looking forward to helping you reach all of your health and fitness goals for years to come!


Something to consider if you are new to training: Today, everyone looks for videos as a way to learn how to do all sorts of things, and working out is no exception. This has created a real problem in the industry. Watching an experienced lifter workout can lead you down the wrong path quickly.  An experienced lifter has large muscles, which limits range of motion during all movements, and makes those watching believe the abbreviated version is correct form, when it couldn't be farther from the truth. Learning how to do all movements properly is essential to making sure you do not create short and long term injuries. Watching You Tube videos in hope of learning how to workout properly is a sure fire way to end up with little or no results, or even worse, injured and not training at all...



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Garrett Jankowski, Personal Trainer / TRX Instructor / Athletic Development

Garrett Jankowski
Garrett Jankowski
Garrett Jankowski
Garrett Jankowski
Garrett Jankowski
Garrett Jankowski
Garrett Jankowski
Garrett Jankowski
Garrett Jankowski
Garrett Jankowski
Garrett Jankowski
Garrett Jankowski
Personal Trainer / TRX Instructor - Inflicting Fitness

Garrett is a Certified Personal Trainer and Athletic Development Coach with over 10 years of experience. Garrett has achieved great results helping clients of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Garrett enjoys teaching and encouraging his clients through his safe and effective fitness programing. His methods and training strategies have helped many clients to improve their overall health, fitness and performance.


Garrett has extensive experience as a TRX Suspension Training Instructor. Through out the years, Garrett has has directly worked with over 400 clients utilizing the TRX Suspension System. Garrett possess exceptional abilities of understanding, communicating and motivating his clients through the training process. Garrett is highly dedicated to his clients and has helped many to realize their potential.


Garrett is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer through the American Council of Exercise and holds Special Certifications in TRX Suspension Training, Group Fitness Instruction, Sports Conditioning, Myofascial Release and Functional Training.


Garrett has a sports background in Basketball and Track.


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